Office Relocation

Sterling Accreditation has closed its office in Havant and moved its operation to Heywood Hall in Manchester which is also the home of Property Tectonics. This move was implemented on 1st April, simply to achieve better economies of scale, increase staff utilisation and to provide Sterling with access to a larger organisation’s office facilities.

The relationship between the two businesses has not changed; the two companies continue to have completely separate business objectives and are operated by two separate boards of directors. There are no plans to merge the two businesses and there is no transfer or access to confidential information across the companies; data protection, confidentiality and integrity are paramount to both organisations.

The physical relocation will help Sterling become more efficient and able to deliver a more comprehensive and competitive range of accreditation services. The link between the two companies will also help Sterling to deliver CPD through a number of new media channels, including virtual, something which we believe to be reflective of the changing needs of our membership and accredited assessors alike.

Sterling will continue to operate as an entirely separate business with its own systems, servers, files and security systems owned and protected by direct employees of Sterling Accreditation.

Sterling Accreditation is committed to providing a customer focussed service to all its members. The office move to Heywood Hall is exciting and positive because it provides Sterling with greater opportunity to gain efficiencies, expand its offer to the market and work with pt to provide an improved service to its valued customers.