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Solution The EU Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings came into effect
progressively from 2007 and is an important part of government strategies for tackling
climate change. The principle underlying the Directive is to make energy efficiency
transparent by the issuing of a certificate showing the energy rating of a property,
accompanied by recommendations on how to improve efficiency. This energy
performance certificate (EPC) must be provided whenever a property is constructed,
rented out or sold.
This document provides guidance on how to apply the requirements of the Energy
Performance of Buildings Directive to domestic dwellings. It is intended to help
landlords and sellers understand their responsibility for making energy performance
certificates available when renting out or selling a domestic property. This document
takes into account changes arising from the “recast” of the Directive – which comes
into force from 9 January 2013.
This guidance also outlines what tenants and buyers should expect to receive when
they begin the process of renting or buying a domestic property.
Responsibility for providing the EPC lies with the “relevant person” when building,
renting out or selling a property. For newly built dwellings the relevant person is the
builder. When letting a rental property this is the landlord. For the sale of a privately
owned property it means the person selling the property. Definitions of the terms used
in the regulations are at Annex B.
While this guidance aims to explain how the requirements will work in practice, any
interpretation of the regulations is offered only as a guide - the Department for
Communities and Local Government cannot provide legal advice. Therefore, it is
important to read and understand the regulations as well. In cases of doubt
independent legal advice should be sought.
The original Energy Performance of Buildings Directive was implemented by the
previous administration in 2008. A number of its measures were gold-plated –ie- they
went beyond the minimum requirements. In implementing the recast, the current
Government has taken the opportunity to remove this gold-plating where possible.
This document replaces any previous guidance on the Energy Performance of
Buildings Regulations, and is one of a suite of documents that explain the requirement
for energy performance certificates, display energy certificates, and air conditioning
inspections in England and Wales.
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