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Buyers and tenants

Solution From 9 January 2013 all sales or lettings advertisements in the commercial media3
should show the EPC rating of the property being advertised. There is no requirement
to display the full certificate but where there is adequate space, the advertisement
should show the A-G graph. However, it is recognised that this will not always be
possible. In such cases the advertisement should include the actual EPC rating of the
property (for example C).
However, in line with the removal of unnecessary gold-plating, from 9 January 2013,
there will no longer be any requirement to attach the front page of the EPC to any
written materials.
When a prospective buyer or tenant registers an interest in a property (by arranging a
viewing or requesting further details), the seller or landlord must make sure a copy of
the property’s EPC is available to them (if one has been produced). This should be in
whichever format the prospective buyer or tenant has requested (e.g. hard copy or
electronically as a document or web link).
Often a landlord or seller will use an agent to manage the letting or sales process. If
this is the case the lettings or estate agent will provide the prospective tenant or buyer
with the EPC. However it remains the ultimate responsibility of the landlord/seller to
make sure this is done.
On all occasions the landlord or seller is obliged to give prospective tenants or buyers
a copy of the EPC before any contract has been entered into.
The EPC must always be made available to prospective tenants or buyers free of
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