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Maximising the benefits from the EPC

Solution The level of data already held by landlords is likely to vary considerably, depending on
a number of factors:
the individual strategies, priorities and budget: some landlords may have chosen
to collect and hold detailed data, others may not have the resources or need to do this
the quality of data inherited from previous owners of the stock 14
the date and extent of any recent renovation works to properties
the date and completeness of the most recent stock condition survey
the age of dwellings and extent of subsequent improvement works

The current status of the energy data which the landlord holds is likely to affect the
data they may wish to retain from the process of producing an EPC. Landlords with a
larger portfolio, for example, may wish to hold the source data for the EPC, i.e.
property dimensions, heating system details, double glazing and insulation, in an asset
management database and use it to inform future improvement programmes. If this is
the case, the provision of such data should be discussed with the domestic energy
assessor during the negotiations on setting up the EPC provision contract.
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