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Surveying tenanted dwellings

Solution Landlords planning to produce EPCs for homes that are occupied may need to
consider whether access gathering the data could be a problem. Some issues to
• the rights and limitations in the lease in relation to access by the landlord, or a
person acting on their behalf
• ways to encourage tenants to grant access: giving adequate notice and
considering whether evening or weekend appointments may be more convenient
• having a wide pool of dwellings to draw from. If a sample of flats in a block is being
assessed with a view to creating the EPCs for all identical properties, a
contingency of other addresses may be needed as a back up if access proves to
be a problem
• good communications: engaging tenants in the process helps them understand
why they should grant access
• considering any special access requirements for vulnerable tenants
The accreditation schemes’ codes of practice will prevent domestic energy assessors
from entering dwellings where there are unsupervised children present, and may also
extend this to vulnerable adults. It is important (if appointing external domestic energy
assessors) for landlords to make clear where there may be vulnerable tenants present,
as the need to have accompanied visits may add costs or time to the process.
For both tenanted and vacant dwellings, the domestic energy assessors should be
made aware by the landlord of the landlord’s health and safety precautions and any
areas of particular risk that they may encounter.
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