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Display of EPCs

Solution Legislation continues to require the display of EPCs in ‘public’ buildings. Guidance on the terminology used and intent remain unchanged but the qualifying building size is reduced. From 9 January 2013, an EPC must be displayed in buildings with a floor area of more than 500 square metres, which are occupied by public authorities and institutions providing public services, which can be visited by the public. This threshold will reduce to 250 square metres from 7 July 2015.
The need to display an EPC has been extended in European legislation. Buildings which are frequently visited by members of the public (at least once a week) and which have an EPC, must display that certificate. The key issue here is the need to display the EPC only where one has been provided under Article 12 of the Directive. The types of building falling into this category are banks, supermarkets, cinemas etc.
Updated guidance to standard 6.9 (energy performance certificates) is set out within the Non-Domestic Technical (
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