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Why have they been introduced?
The earth’s natural resources such as oil products, natural gas and solid fuels are limited and steps must be taken to conserve these commodities. Scientific studies have indicated that these resource...
What is an air conditioning system?
An air-conditioning system is a system where refrigeration is used to provide cooling for the comfort of the occupants.
What does the air-conditioning inspection cover?
The purpose of the inspection and the resulting report is to give basic information to the building owner on the likely efficiency of the air-conditioning systems for which they have responsibility to...
Does this inspection cover other air conditioning system legislative requirements?
These inspections relate purely to Article 9 of the EPBD. There are other separate legislative requirements for the inspection of air conditioning systems such as the F-gas Regulation but where approp...
Do I have to get an inspection carried out for all air-conditioning systems?
No, only those which are more than 12 kW in size (see 11 for guidance on estimating whether your system is more than 12kW in size).
What information will be shown?
The report of the inspection of the air-conditioning system will comprise: • the equipment inspected • the inspection of documents and records • inspection of the system documentation • inspection...
When do inspections of air-conditioning systems require to be carried out?
Commencement of inspections of existing systems is as follows: a. For all systems with an effective rated output of more than 250 kW, from 4 January 2009 with first inspections completed by 4 January...
Who is responsible for obtaining an inspection?
The owner of the building is responsible for obtaining an inspection
Who can carry out an Inspection of Air Conditioning Systems for us?
The Scottish Government has entered into protocols with a number of organisations and professional bodies. Details of qualified and accredited members will be made available by the approved organisati...
How do I know if my system is more than 12 kW?
The following give guidelines on likely areas requiring 12 kW of cooling. However if it is unclear whether your system exceeds the 12 kW threshold you should seek specialist advice. • 200m² floor are...
If I have several systems each less than 12 kW do I require an inspection?
An inspection would be needed if a number of individual systems each 12 kW or less, but taken together total more than 12 kW, within one building or fire-separated part of a building and are linked by...
The report provides advice. What does this mean?
The report will provide advice on possible improvements or replacement of the system and on alternative solutions to cooling the building. Implementation of recommendations is not mandatory but will ...
When do I have to obtain a further inspection of my system?
The date of the next inspection will be stated on the report. The frequency of inspections will range from three years for poorly maintained and inefficient systems up to five years for those systems ...
What should I do with the report?
It is recommended that the report is kept in a safe place along with the services log book and made available to future owners and tenants and to the person carrying out future inspections.


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